My Super Husband!

The one thing I've always loved about radio is that it is ALWAYS available. Your cable can go out, your electric too, but jump in your car or have a battery operated radio and your favorite dj's are there for you. We are here to provide you with information. We are here to entertain you. We are here to make you laugh or at least smile. We are here so you can call or text us with your fears, frustrations, and hopes! This has certainly been a rough chapter in all of our lives, but I have been so proud to serve you on the air just to provide you with normalcy.

I wanted to begin my blog by saying how much I love serving the Erie community, because I don't want you to think the rest of my blog in anyway says that I am dissatisfied with my role. For the past 4 months, I was working 10-12 hours a day on and off the air. It was grueling just as my fellow "essential workers," nurses, doctors, grocery workers, postal workers, and delivery drivers will tell you and I am sure most are still working these hours. However, I think we are all proud that we could be there for you and are still here when you need us.

My husband, whom on air I call "Denny Crane," and I have always had an agreement: He does the outside work and I do the inside work at our house. When he saw how much I was working, he insisted he take over everything at the house. He was working from home, but still working. Nevertheless, for 4 months he had to do everything and I was so grateful for him. A Super Husband, right?

I now have a little more breathing room. I wish it were the same for all "essential workers." Therefore, I have taken back my cleaning duties and proudly because I need to contribute to our home financially and physically for my own mental health and self worth!

I also want to publicly congratulate my husband, because something very special happened to him during these 4 months. He was named a Super Lawyer in Pennsylvania! That means he is among the top 5% of the lawyers in the state! Pretty impressive, right? I am so proud of the lawyer he is, the husband he is, and the man that he is! Congratulations John, for an honor that is truly deserved! I love you and I am so very proud of your accomplishments!




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