Jessica got her first Growler!

Koda & Bre

I took my son, Dakota, and his girlfriend Bre down to Grove City to meet my aunt for lunch. We had a wonderful time and a delicious meal. Afterwards, I finally purchased my first growler! I don't remember the name of the beer but it was a Belgian citrus blend.

The things I learned about growlers.

  1. You can take a growler(64 oz.) from one brewery (the name is on it) and have it re-filled at a different brewery.
  2. The beer is best on the first day it is opened. So, unless you have a friend to help you finish it, you may end up with flat beer on the second day.
  3. If you don't want to end up with stale beer, you can opt for a crowler(32 oz.) A crowler, I'm certain, you can finish yourself.

The thing I didn't learn about growlers.

  1. No one seems to know why they call them growlers. Grrrr.....


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