Jessica's Rent The Runway Experience (part 1)

I have a black tie wedding this weekend in Pittsburgh. It's a pretty big deal. There's a cocktail party on Friday night, followed by the wedding on Saturday evening, and then a brunch on Sunday. I sure am going to miss the dogs!!

Anyway, I've heard a lot about Rent the Runway but I have always been a little apprehensive to try it. I hoping this is the perfect occasion to give it a try. I've been told by friends that it's important to read 2 things: 1. The body types that fit the dress best. and 2. The reviews.

With my body type, I'm staying away from those that are for thin body types and sticking with dresses best for an hour glass shape and flattering for a large bust. I found it very interesting that they include information like, "should be worn by a B cup or less." Obviously, that means I would be falling out of the dress and we wouldn't want that.

The dress I chose is a lavender waterfall dress. (I would show you the dress, buy with copy right issues I cannot. I will show you a picture of me in it, when I comeback for part 2.) It's very conservative in the front with a high collar, sleeveless, and an open back with flowing fabric so it looks like a waterfall.

When you order a dress, they automatically give you one size bigger at no additional charge, to ensure you get a dress that fits. Also, since it was my first time I got $30 off and I was able to pick a second dress at no additional charge. I chose a black cocktail dress with a sweetheart neckline as a second option for the Friday night cocktail party.

The dresses are scheduled to arrive on Thursday. I'm crossing my fingers that they are a perfect fit. Otherwise, I will be heading to Macy's to find a gown before noon on Friday. I have further instructions to return the gowns in the mail on Sunday, so it's a fast turn-around.

Wish me luck! I will let you know what happens!



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