Old Age Face App

If you've been on the internet at all lately you can't get away from the old person selfies. The pictures are the product of an app called FaceApp, and they’re taking the internet by storm. Professional athletes are trying it, celebrities, and even regular folks like us are trying it out.

It’s not a new app, but like Snapchat with the baby-face and gender-swap filters, it’s enjoying a brief resurgence on the back of its latest AR filter. Using a picture of any person, the filter spits back an image of them looking considerably older, with what you could probably consider frightening accuracy.

So now, the question is, do you have the courage to try it? When I first saw this I totally didn't want to do it. I don't like what I see in the mirror now, let alone in 20 to 30 years! However, when you work in radio you have to force yourself to do things even if they are out of your comfort zone. So as you can see below Murphy and I tried it out. It's funny to see what you look like old. I'd caption this picture:

Murphy: "Where did the time go?!"

Jessica: "What happened to my face?"

old age


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