Our First Wedding Anniversary

As perfect as our wedding day was, it was unrealistic to expect a first anniversary that was just as great. However, although we were without the family and friends with us on our wedding day, this first anniversary was pretty perfect! We returned to the Foxburg Inn, which is right off of I 80 between Emlenton and Clarion. When we reserved our room, the Inn was almost completely booked so we settled for a room with 2 double beds.

We received a call as we were packing up our vehicle from the Foxburg Inn. Someone canceled at the last minute, and the King suite we had on our wedding night was available!! The same room! How crazy is that?! We headed down to Foxburg and started our trip with a round of golf at the Foxburg Country Club. The oldest golf course in the country if you're into historic value. We played a pathetic round and had a few beers so it was a lot like the round I played the morning of our wedding.

We went back to the Foxburg Inn and while I got ready my husband did a little fishing which is what he did the morning of our wedding. We went next door to the Allegheny Grill (this is where our wedding reception was) and had a delicious dinner out on the deck by the river.

After dinner, I put on some flip flops and grabbed the champagne while my husband grabbed his fishing pool. We headed down to the dock, opened the bubbly, and I sipped while he fished. We didn't catch anything, but we reminisced about the past year and it was wonderful!

The next morning, we opened our gifts. The first year is "paper." I got him a tablet, because now so much "paper" is online, and he got me a framed caricature of our wedding with our two dachshunds included. We then headed to church before coming back to Erie.

I arrived home to a dozen long stemmed red roses and a card. He apparently sneaked into the house just as we were leaving, so they were ready for me. We then decided to follow tradition and try our wedding cake which we had frozen. I have been ridiculously excited to do this ALL year. My reasoning, although we have both been married before, neither of us had eaten that anniversary cake! This was new ground and to our surprise and delight, it tasted just as good as it did on our wedding day! We decided to press our luck, and re-freeze it for winter when we allow ourselves to indulge in sweets that aren't good for us!

Our wedding day was perfect for us. Our 1st anniversary was perfect for us as well. We're too old to reach a 50th anniversary, but if past behavior is a predictor of future behavior, I'm pretty sure the silver 25th anniversary is in reach! I love you John(aka Denny Crane!)



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