The Juice WRLD Challenge

If you're looking for a headline that would puzzle most people over 40 that's it. Ever since I read that simple headline yesterday, I can't stop cracking up about it. I even understand when it means, but all of those words together still sound like nonsense in my head. So, we came up with a new challenge for it.

Text your mom (or dad or someone not up on their pop culture) just this:

"Juice WRLD is quitting lean."

Screenshot their response and send it to us at (814) 455-9104. You can send it more than once if you only get a "what" or some question marks or something.

Check out some hilarious responses including from Jessica's mom and my mom!

PS: If you want you can eventually explain that the rapper called Juice WRLD announced that he'll no longer partake in the (dengerous!) street drink "lean" which is Codeine mixed with Sprite.

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