Invitation into Jessica's Bedroom

Alexa sleep sounds

Welcome to my bedroom. I have an echo dot in my kitchen and this one in the bedroom. I love the sleep sounds option with Alexa. The one I use most often is this one, "Thunderstorms." I've also used ocean waves. There are several others as well. Rain, Babbling Brook, Fireplace, Airplane, Fan, and City to name a few. Alexa also has relaxing sounds like Beautiful Dream. You'll be surprised how realistic the sounds are.

My husband and I first tried it out on a Saturday night. I get to little sleep as it is with waking up at 4 am, I wasn't going to risk losing any weeknight sleep trying something new. We both love sleeping during thunderstorms, so that is the sound we chose and we've been using it ever since.

An added bonus if you sleep with dogs, the "white noise" helps drown out their incessant licking!

Sweet dreams!


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