My new Favorite Workout!

Last year my husband and I started bicycling for leisurely exercise. He actually started the summer before and then surprised me with a bicycle for Christmas in 2017 so I could bike with him last summer. When he first got his bike I made fun of it and referred to it as a “Grandpa bike.” He got me the same style, I guess it would be called a cruiser with the big plush seats. It’s definitely not a mountain bike or racing bike. Therefore, we get passed by the real cyclists all the time. However, that does not discount the great workout we get.

We started out with a 16 mile ride from our house out into McKean and then back. The ride certainly was not easy and typically it would take an hour and 20 minutes. There’s some really tough hills that we navigate which increases our heart rate dramatically and then we have times of rest while we coast here and there.

To be honest, when we’re preparing to go on a ride in my head I’m saying things like, “this is going to suck,” “I am going to hate this,” but once we are out there, it becomes very enjoyable. Plus, when we’re finished it feels so good to have accomplished the ride! Additionally, as you can see from the photos (iheart hoodie in April and the rest from the last couple of weeks) I’ve lost several pounds (12 so far!) and I feel great!

I do have advice if you would like to take up biking. I’d say without even realizing it, I had one rule. No walking! It doesn’t matter how steep or long a hill is, you can make it up on your bike. Commit to that and you will see how rewarding biking is.

Finally, Cycling together is a great bonding experience for couples. We have always like walking together and biking together just gives us more of a challenge. In fact, we actually upped our game in the last couple of weeks and we now bike 18 miles. Yes, the real cyclists still pass us, and that’s okay.~Jessica

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