Erie Pride Day

I attended my first Pride Parade today with TedAtNight and this Queen....Miss Erie Rebecca Mae! One t-shirt I loved said, "I'm Straight And I don't Hate." It was amazing that so many many families were out to support this event! I think it's about time to let everyone live the life they choose. I was told that every year it is getting bigger and bigger, and that was wonderful to witness! We were riding in the parade and there was so much love and support until we came upon the 2 or 3 protesters. Initially, it scared me! I was hoping that it didn't get ugly. In reality though, the "peaceful" protesters just being there made it ugly. I mean to quote one girl I met named 'Jayonce,' "It's the one day we get to be gay!" If you don't like it....don't attend. You are not going to change anyone's mind or "save their soul" by disrupting their day! After the parade, I went down to Perry Square to talk with some friends of mine and get a was hot out! So okay, there was one thing I didn't like...there were no beer tents!

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