Katy Perry Is Asking Fans To Help Her Reveal New Album Artwork


On Wednesday (July 8), Katy Perry enlisted her fans to help her reveal the cover art to her upcoming fifth studio album, out August 14.

She took to social media to post a carnival-themed photo that reads, “Try your luck to reveal Katy Perry's magnificent new album cover.” Fans are then directed to a site called Tweet To Pop.

This is where the fun begins! Set up in front of a circus tent there are a bunch of balloons (some with smiley faces ::hint hint::) that grow bigger once you click on them. Next, KatyCats are directed to Twitter where an pre-written tweet is drafted: “I WANT THAT ALBUM COVER! Tweet to 🎈POP🎈to help reveal @KatyPerry's new album cover.”

You'll also notice an admissions ticket on the ground (OMG TOUR? She did hint at a Vegas residency recently) as well as a starry circus stand prop. It's good to note that a sneaky Ms. Perry has been teasing the circus theme for ages — remember when she dressed up as Dumbo for The Disney Family Singalong: Volume II?

Every tweet helps clear the balloons and fans have done so well that more than half of the cover has been revealed. Although not confirmed, it appears that Perry's fifth album might be titled Smile and she's on the cover looking like the world's most adorable clown in blue and white checkered print. But we'll have to wait and see until the full reveal!

Fans are continuing to work together to unveil the cover and are encouraging each other to keep at it. “KEEP TWEETING SO WE CAN UNLOCK IT,” one fan tweeted while another wrote, ”I'm not sleeping till I see the cover in 1080p!”

So far, Perry has gifted KatyCats with the name of a few unreleased songs including one for her unborn daughter!

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