Coronavirus and Canine in Crisis



At the end of last summer Andy had difficulty walking due to IVDD(intervertebral disc disease.) IVDD is a condition that affects about 25% of dachshunds. With medication and water therapy he made mostly a full recovery. He could walk and run, but he was a "little crooked," which only my husband and I could notice. Here we are now, and it has happened again. The Doctor quickly prescribed him the same medication as last year plus crate rest.

It took him about 4 weeks to recover last year. During that time, he was 100% dependent on us. He cannot go to the bathroom without us. He has 4 different meds to take twice a day. He also needs to stay in his crate(which makes him miserable.)

Knowing that it will take 2-4 weeks until Covid-19 peaks in America, I'm even more concerned about getting it. I know that most of us will be able to recover at home, but there's still a chance we could get it and be hospitalized. My husband is able to work from home. I go to the station and then home. I am no longer going to chance going to stores, except for gasoline. Hopefully neither my husband nor I get the virus, but in the event one of us does I sure hope the other one stays healthy. Andy needs us.

Stay safe everyone. Love ya!


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