I think I broke Amazon

Amazon Home Screen Prime Hacks

Amazon Home Screen Prime Hacks

I feel like I need to start this off by saying something kind of weird by 2019 standards...I don't buy a lot of stuff from Amazon. Prime is only convenient for me when my fiancee wants to watch to watch exclusive shows they have (classic SpongeBob episodes, in case you were wondering) so I don't feel compelled to pay for the yearly price or even the slightly-higher monthly rate JUST to get two day shipping, which is pretty much all i would use it for.

Well I got a free month trial of Prime a few months ago, I was able to add it to my order and get free two day shipping right there, which I'll admit was convenient, but I didn't need that stuff in two days. I just need it at some point.

Enter this week. I'm out of hair product. I'm panicking because the stuff that I use is something I got on Amazon, I don't have Prime and my estimated shipping date is July 29th...two days after the wrestling show that I need it for.

All hope is lost, my hair will be all floppy and messy.

Then, Amazon asks me if I'd like to "try out Prime for 30 days" and get my order this Thursday...but I already HAD a trial of Prime? How is this possible? Can I keep this up forever, just constantly ordering something from Amazon, adding a free trial or Prime and canceling it before I'm ever actually charged for it?

Prime Status

Prime Status

Regardless, I have Prime now until August 23rd, so we're gonna watch SpongeBob try to catch some Jellyfish.

We'll see

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