We found a recipe to recreate the best discontinued 90's snack!

If you're also a 90's kid, then you remember Dunkaroos...

If you don't, I don't know what to tell you other than "I'm sorry your childhood sucked". Cookies and frosting that you got to dip them in WAS the best combination...until Betty Crocker discontinued them in 2012. If you were dedicated enough though (and had a passport) you could still make the trek to Canada to buy them.

But the Dunkaroo embargo is OVER, because my fiancée Grace found a recipe to make our own Dunkaroo frosting, and it all started with this TikTok.

With that, we were immediatley off to the store to buy:

  • Funfetti Cake Mix;
  • Cool Whip;
  • Non-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt; and
  • A lot of Teddy Grahams

Dump all of each of those ingredients into a mixing bowl and go to town. We used a little splash of oat milk to get it to the right consistency, but you can be the judge with that.

So now we have a QUART AND A HALF of Dunkaroo frosting in our fridge. If you invite either of us over for a party or anything in the next three months, chances are we'll still have it, and chances are that we'll bring it with us to share.

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