So you can add the FaceApp age filter to yourself multiple times?

Everyone in the world is doing the FaceApp challenge to make yourself look like your own grandpa or grandma, which I did a few nights ago, got a few laughs, posted on Instagram and that was it...right?

Well, no.

I was wondering if you could add the filter to your ALREADY filtered photos and it turns out that you TOTALLY CAN!

Here I am looking like my grandpa from the first filter.

Let's add another one and see what happe...


Might as well take it a step further...

What is up with my eyes??

And WHY do I have MORE hair than me right now?

Let's go even older...

Alright now I look like I'm ready to host Tales From The Crypt or something...

BUT, there's one thing about FaceApp that's even more disturbing than the age filter.

The smile filter.

Oh no. This was a mistake.

I look like the grandma from the It: Chapter Two trailer.

I'm glad these are the photos that are gonna be used for facial recognition software, because apparently THAT'S a thing.

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